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Workplace Health Promotion - a strategy

For many years, there has been great interest in- as well as a great need of-finding alternative ways of tackling the issues of illness and health. Since the end of the 1990s, not least in Sweden, the dramatic rise in absence from work due to illness has increased the pressure to find solutions.

The present book provides a more substantial theoretical basis and embodies a three-stage model:

1. The idea of promoting health

2. A theory about what is good for health

3. A theory and guidelines about how the change to more favourable circumstances for promoting health can be accomplished.

The present book sets out to describe such a strategy for workplace health promotion.

One reason for writing the book is the need to have a more unified view of the ideas, disciplines and experiences to be found in this field. This overall view provides a useful theoretical survey in helping us to understand what we, as practitioners, are doing. Simultaneously it serves to introduce and develop this relatively new approach to thinking and working with health issues. An exposition like the present one is needed in order to spread knowledge about health promotion with a salutogenic approach. A way for the future of business and working life.